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Independent registration system.
Use the recorder only when you are ready and necessary.
R3c allows the recording of the external “T3X2R” window of the Render module in real time. Records audio coming into R3C from the preceding device (same as before). You can configure the codec that best suits the features of your computer and the Bitrate of the audio to be recorded.


  • Support H264 in Windows
  • Codec settings.
  • Bitrate settings.
  • Support GL2 & GLCore.
  • Compatible with expandable tools.


  • Codec description on Live info panel shows correctly.
  • Description from channel overwrite device description.

Minimum requirements:

  • IMPORTANT this device requires the Render module to work.
  • Ableton Live +10.
  • Max +8.5 (no license required).
  • ++2GB GPU memory.
What you get:
  • Real-time audio-visual recorder.
Download info:
This is a Max for Live module, not standalone software. You will need Ableton Live and Max 8 to run T3X2R.
To visualize ¬†generator modules and record them¬† you’ll need this Render module.
Only if it experiments complications which come from T3X2R and modules, a demand can be put on repair free.
All our devices was tested and work on system OSX (intel / m1) or WIN.


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