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A neural network generator.
The plexus can move throughout the space. Neurons can deform with graphical functions.
In PLEXUR you have absolute manipulation of the orientation and position parameters.
Which can be automated through Dummy Clips. You also have material color control through a popup window.
All parameters are visible on the PUSH2 screen through its banks.
Finally we can save our configuration in a preset that will be loaded when we reopen our live set.
New features:
  • Turn modules on and off from the device activator.
  • Opacity control with channel volume.
  • Smooth translation movements.
  • More stroke modes.
Minimum requirements:
  • IMPORTANT this device requires the Render module to work.
  • Ableton Live 10 / 11
  • Max +8.2 (no license required).
  • ++2GB GPU memory.
What you get:
  • Max For Live – Visual generator device.
Download info:
  • This is a max for live module is no standalone software. You’ll need Ableton Live and Max 8 to run T3X2R.
  • To visualize this generator you’ll need Render module.
  • Only if it experiments complications which come from T3X2R and modules, a demand can be put on repair free.
  • All our devices was tested and work on system OSX (intel / m1) or WIN.
Learn how: tutorial

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