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A light source generator, which can vary point parameters such as ambient light or diffuse and specular reflections. The light type can be selected from spot, directional or spot light. And in turn modify the opening angle of the same (only spot). The orientation can be modified through rotation and / or position. Ideal to illuminate the objects of the other modules in our 3D environment.


Minimum requirements:
• IMPORTANT this device requires the Render module to work.
• Ableton Live 10 / 11
• Max +8.2
• ++2GB GPU memory.
What you get:
• Max For Live – Visual generator device.
Download info:
• This is a max for live module is no standalone software. You’ll need Ableton Live and Max 8 to run T3X2R.
• To visualize this generator you’ll need Render module.
• Only if it experiments complications which come from T3X2R and modules, a demand can be put on repair free.
• All our devices was tested and work on system OSX (intel / m1) or WIN.
Learn how: example


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