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First effect of the T3X2R series. 
Master effect applied to final visual rendering.
Effects work on 2 blocks in series (right to left).

The first Block contains 6 switch effects in series. Each switch can alter 14 different effects.

  • BLUR: basic Gaussian blur.
  • STATIC: noise feedback to color or monochromatic.
  • PINCH:  radial kaleidoscope.
  • BLOW:  drag the selected pixels border into the frame.
  • ECHO:  zoom feedback.
  • GLTCH:  cumulative random noise.
  • KALED:  mirrored kaleidoscope.
  • TWIRL:  twist with frequency and direction.
  • DISPLACEMENT:  X or Y offset of the alpha channel.
  • RIPPLES:  synced or manual ripples with frequency.
  • WAR:  scrolling with graphic functions.
  • STROBE:  on alpha channel, synced or manual with colorizer.
  • ECLIPSE:  circular mask with angle modifier.
  • SLIT SCAN: offsets the pixel border in the selected direction.
  • HRGB: RGB displacement on Fx switchers.
  • VRGB: RGB displacement on Fx switchers.
  • INV-RECT: Color inverting rectangle, random and synchronized.

The second block:

  • RGB: vertical and horizontal displacement.
  • Glow:  simple feedback.
  • MGltch: smooth freezer.
  • Phantom: inverted edge detect.
  • Brigthness – Contrast – Saturation. 

New features:

  • New effects:  brightness, contrast, saturation, glow and mgltch.
  • New Param bank: RGBDisplace and master with Brightness, contrast and saturation.
  • Works on GLCore.
  • Compatible with expandable tools and pack.

Resolved Issues:

  • RGB_displacement: Right orientation (left to left). It is not disabled when a color is set to zero.


Minimum requirements:
  • IMPORTANT this device requires the Render module to work.
  • Ableton Live +10.
  • Max +8.5 (no license required).
  • ++2GB GPU memory.
What you get:
  • Max For Live – Effect generator device.
  • Endless combinations.
Download info:
  • This is a Max for Live module, not standalone software. You will need Ableton Live and Max 8 to run T3X2R.
  • To visualize this generator you’ll need Render module.
  • Only if it experiments complications which come from T3X2R and modules, a demand can be put on repair free.
  • All our devices was tested and work on system OSX (intel / m1) or WIN.
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