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With a practical, versatile and innovative way of producing audiovisual content. Each generative art module has particular characteristics in terms of mixing techniques between audio and graphics.

Endless textures

Think, produce, act, export

Render in realtime!

Think, create, edit, automate, record, act. Is time for visualize your audio.

In real time!

Visuals for live performance

Your performance will never be the same again. Combine concept and sound or abstraction and beats to make your acts impressive

Audio reactive modulators

Create visuals that interact with your sound. Convert the music in audio-visual art!

Forever sync

BPM as a graphic controller. Modify images in full sync with their master tempo.

Automated parameter banks

Use any external MIDI-hardware to control the graphics. Connect and navigate through the parameters of each device with your preferred control surface. Plug & play.

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